The always fresh breakfast snack.

Filled with fresh your choice of fruit or meat, Pufkins are pancakes-on-the-go.

Order Pufkins Pick up only when truck is out! Please check schedule!

What are Pufkins?

They're delicious little pancake-muffin hybrids, in your choice of sweet or savory flavors. Pufkins are like pancakes, except better. For starters, ever tried eating pancakes in the car? Seems like a great idea; mostly ends up sticky.

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  • Pufkins are portable.

    No sticky mess. No fork required!
    Just pick up a Pufkin, and take it to go. 

  • Pufkins are all natural.

    Tasty, filling, and totally preservative-free. (Why gunk up the good stuff, you know?)

How to Order Pufkins

Order online!

Experience the convenience of ordering online and having it ready for you to pick up at the truck.

Order by phone

Looking to order for a date/time not listed, just call and we will try to accommodate.

Show up at the food truck

Just pop on by to grab any of the fresh-made Pufkins available at the time.

It started with an idea.

Barb is not only the founder of this delicious little operation; she's also the genius baker behind every homemade batch of Pufkins. (She's really humble, too, so don't tell her we put this here.)

For years, she's been sharing her food passion with friends and family, and in 2017 made a commitment to introduce her trademark creation to the public.

Barbara Willett - Founder of Pufkins

She bakes with the best.

Not just any ol' berry, banana, or sprinkle of cinnamon makes it into Barb's mixing bowl. She carefully selects each and every ingredient by hand to make sure it's great, which makes shopping with her real fun.

No fake syrup here, either! Only Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is served with Pufkins, 'cause after all, when you grow up in Vermont, there is no substitute.

Ingredients used in Pufkins

From scratch. For real.

"Every batch from scratch" isn't just a great rhyme—it's how Barb rolls. 
Food always tastes better when someone else makes it for you, and if Barb gets that honor? She's going to make sure your food is amazing.

Pufkins in a muffin pan

People have said some really nice things about Pufkins!

Win #1 here is the fact that this is someone else making me breakfast. Win #2 is that it's delicious, it's filling, AND I don't have to clean anything up after.

One of the only quality gluten free to-go options in town. {And they're delicious, to boot!}

It's tough to find wheat-free breakfast options, especially options that taste good. Pufkins hit that perfect spot between sweet and filling...and the wheat-free option has amazing flavor and texture!

View a video of the Pufkins food truck